Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't waste time!

Well, I'm back at Heartland. Things are going good so far. I'm starting to get a bit tired already but I'm very excited about this year. This week has been opening days preaching. It's been so amazing. I have gained so much from the sermons already! Today, Bro. Troy Derrell (not sure if that's how you spell it) from Tulsa preached and it was so perfect. He preaching on being prepared. He talked about the 10 virgins in the parable Jesus told and how 5 of them were foolish and unprepared. He applied it to salvation but then he also applied it to Christians who need to be prepared for meeting Jesus someday, prepared for opportunities that come our way and prepared for tempting situations or trials that could cause us to show a bad reaction. We need to be prepared for these things by staying close to God and staying in His Word.
He also talked about not wasting the time God has given us. He said that every day is a gift from God... You don't want to look back later and cry because it's over but rather smile because it happened. Meaning you don't want to look back with regrets that you wasted the time God gave you but you want to look back fondly because you used it wisely and took the opportunities He gave you.
Some opportunities never come back again. There are things in this life that can't be borrowed. Two of them are character and preparation. The 5 foolish ladies could not borrow oil from the wise. They should have had their own. When you get into a bad situation, you cannot borrow from someone else's preparation or from their character. You will have had to build these things yourself.... "What you do today determines what you will be able to do tomorrow." "Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail." Don't waste the time God gave you. This was so what I needed to hear at the beginning of this year. It's my senior year. After this year, my college experience will be past. I don't want to look back on it with regrets that I didn't take every opportunity God gave me or that I wasted my time on things that didn't matter and I don't want to get out of school and, having wasted all that time, not be prepared to do what God has for me.
So remember- This day is a gift from God. It will never come back again. There will be opportunities that may never come back. Don't waste time and be prepared.
I hope this all made sense. It was a really great sermon. I will post something later about the sermon that Bro. Sam preached. It was SO good...... tune in next time.... :)