Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prideful thinking

This is going to be short but I wanted to share something that was preached in chapel a few weeks ago. The speaker was Bro. Bayered... can't remember where he is from or if that's even how you spell his name.
He preached on the subject of pride. He said something that has never struck me before. He said that every time we get up and don't read our Bible and try to go through our day without God's word and without praying, we are telling God that we don't need him and that's pride! I never thought about it like that but it's true. Every day that I don't read my Bible and forget to pray, I'm telling God that I can do this day on my own. What a joke! I can not ever make it through one hour without God!
Also, something I just thought of and thought I would share, I so often want to call on God when I'm in trouble even though I haven't spoken to Him the entire day. The other day, I woke up late and didn't "have time to read my Bible" or even to say a prayer. I was completely flustered and rushing around (which should have made me want to pray). I went to class and realized that I had two tests that day that I hadn't studied for at all because I was finishing another project the night before. I get one of the tests and I even try to go through half of the test before I stop in the middle of my test and almost start crying because I know none of it. THEN I decide to pray and ask for God's help. As I was praying it suddenly hit me.... "Lord, I haven't even had time to speak to you all morning much less get in your Word and yet I expect you to help me on this test..... I don't deserve it." The Lord was merciful that day and I actually did end up doing ok on that test and getting a 100% on my other one. The Lord is SOOOO good to me. Thank Him for His mercy!
But how ridiculous of me to expect God to do anything for me when that was the only time I had spoken to Him all morning. He needs to be the focus of my entire day. He needs to constantly be on my mind. If I were in an attitude of prayer all morning, it might have gone better.
Anyways... Gotta go... I will try to post again really soon

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Tammy said...

Good post and realization. Now put that realization to use. Find a way to spend time with the Lord each morning - somehow. It doesn't have to be reading the Bible but there should be communication between you and the Lord right from the start.Love you. Mom