Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweetness, Strength, and Satisfaction

I read this verse in my Bible reading the other day- Psalms 81:16- I don't have my Bible handy in front of me cuz I'm in the library but it says something like "...I would have given them honey out of the rock and I would have satisfied them..." I encourage you to go ahead and look it up.
This Psalm talks about how Israel wanted their own way. So God finally gave them what they wanted and let them have their own way only to their hurt. Then God says (not word for word) "If only my people had listened to me. If only they had walked in MY ways. If only they had looked to ME for direction. If only they would have trusted MY plans. I would have delivered them out of the hand of their enemy and I would have led them and I would have taken care of them." And then the last verse in the chapter is verse 16. I really like the verse so I stopped and asked God to show me what it meant.
It is important for me to say first that, the night before, I had been praying (and even asked my Tuesday night prayer partner to pray) that my devos in the morning wouldn't just be routine and dull. That God would really speak to me and that I would understand what I'm reading and take it to heart. That I wouldn't just forget it after about 10 minutes. AND HE DID DO THAT FOR ME! God is so good. :)
I thought about what that might mean... "I would have given them honey out of the rock..." Well, when I think about honey, I think about something sweet. So maybe God is trying to tell His people that He has so much "sweet" stuff for them. If they would only choose His way instead of their own. God is so so good. He is a loving Father and a true Friend. He is our protector and defender. Our refuge and provider. He leads us and knows every step that we take and every tear we cry. He knows our burdens and heartaches. The Bible says that He cares for us. The Bible also says that He sent His son to die for us because He "delights" in us. See... He is SO good. Why would we ever want to leave His side? He wants to give His people "Honey" :) But we have to choose to follow Him and let Him have His way. He has nothing but good in mind.
When I think of the rock, I think of something strong and sturdy and solid. God is our strength. O man, do I ever need His strength. I am so weak in so many areas. I don't have the strength to get out of bed in the morning or to discipline myself enough to do my devos every day. I'm not strong enough to be a good testimony or to handle problems with other people, like at work or fights with friends. I'm not only weak but I'm fragile and frail.... meaning easily broken. I have no strength to withstand the trials that come my way. I have no ability to overcome heartache and pain. I break under pressure and I'm emotional and I fall apart every time.... if I'm not leaning on my Rock. He designed us to be weak and fragile so that we would "Learn to lean" on Him. He wants us to give Him our burdens and not try to handle everything ourselves. See, when we give our problems to Him and lean on His strength and not our own, He gets the glory. And that's how He wants it since He is the only one who deserves it anyways.
And finally, the last one is pretty simply stated... God is our satisfaction. I know I talk about satisfaction a lot. It's just a burden on my heart. Every one looks for satisfaction somewhere, and too many people are looking in the wrong places. We look to friends, a girl/guy, work, money, acceptance, popularity, good grades, physical beauty, drugs, alcohol, sex etc.... And none of these things will bring that peace and fulfilment inside that we have to admit we are looking for. It's a God-shaped hole. He gave it to us so we would seek Him to fill it. We have to realize that there is so much satisfaction to be found in going His way. We may get what we want by going our own way but it will never satisfy for long.
"If only ___Jenny____ would choose my way and seek me. I would give her sweetness, strength and satisfaction like she couldn't imagine."
Put your name in the blank. :)


Tammy said...

Very well written. Thanks for sharing the idea. Love you. Mom

Grammy Blick said...

Whenever you are on the internet you can have a Bible at hand -- This is a marvelous tool.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jen said...

Thank you for that info. I will have to remember that. :) Thanks for reading.